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What Is Health?

July 17th, 2012

Well Hello!

It has been way too long since I have posted on here. My apologies, I have had so many projects I am working on.

I hope you are well and like this article – and even if you don’t or disagree – as long as it makes you happy, I’m fine with that.  So let’s get into a simple question I often ask people.

What Is Health?

What a magnificent question when you really think about it.

Here we are on a revolving planet that is being mined, blown up, pillaged and totally taken for granted that it will serve us no matter what we do to it –  and all mainly for profit. And all the while we expect to live a vibrant, prosperous life.

Well we actually can, however it will take a lot more work than if we actually looked after the place we live in (and ourselves) in the first place.  So back to the question:

What Is Health?

I’m really amazed at the blank looks and ultimate vague answers most people give me when I ask them that very question. Many say eating healthy or practicing health and fitness exercises or being stress free or living a harmonious lifestyle etc. etc..

Well, those answers are true – but sad to say also not true – depending on how you use them.

It certainly isn’t about staying away from the doctor by taking recommended doses of some prescription as most people believe. These may be necessary for short periods only – but they do not create or sustain health or life.

Eating the right foods can do wonders, as will staying fit but there is also much more to that as well.

What are the right foods and exercises for example and why are there so many people that do such things and still end up unwell? Ah! That’s an even better question.  But before I go into that, let me give you my answer to the initial question.

True health is living the life you love – your whole life. It’s about being vibrant and passionate about everything you want to do – no matter how old you are.  To accomplish this, everything in your life needs to support that. And by this I don’t mean sympathy, hopeful cures or just packing up and wandering the world (although sometimes it can make a nice change).

To walk my talk, I’m 56 and still running up hillsides, stretch flexibly and am involved and doing a myriad of things – and keep adding more to my list, while most others my age are putting their bodies in the retirement garage. Why?

If you feel like that, then let me remind you of the dreams you had as a child – they NEVER go away – and I mean NEVER. They just got buried by distractions or circumstances that got in the way. People have a great way of convincing others that they “can’t” do this or that. Don’t let them do that.

Even If It Is Impossible – Someone Will Eventually Do It.

There are countless of people in history that have told “they can’t” or who were scorned or laughed at for their ideals. Yet those that ignored these resistances and persevered “did it anyway”.

It is so common statement – but true: “You only have one shot at this life”. Yyou are meant to be here and you ARE meant to thrive and succeed. No matter what the economy is or what anyone says – you can live your dreams. You do and can make a difference – as long as you love doing it.

Easy for me to say eh? Well no. I have had my share of hardships (haven’t we all) but I do not allow that to stop me. I did for a while there – but I am so glad I shook that off my back.

There are many inspiring people that have succeeded against the odds. You can too. We all can. I am proving that to myself now. I like that.

One lady that brings this to mind is Lena Horne. I heard of her – but never heard her (sing) until recently. Whether you like her or not she powered on until just before she died. She reinvented herself many times to live a full and vibrant life.

I remember seeing a TV news item on how at 67 she resurrected her career (again) and was wowing audiences worldwide.  Age never stopped this great lady of song. She died only a couple of years ago aged 93.

Check out one of her many performances here:

Whether you like her music or not – you certainly can see she had a real “healthy” passion.

Here is her bio on Wikipedia:

May all your dreams come true ! Now! Dig them up – they are still there!

I will be back!

Take Care


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